“Several philosophers agree that art is just a nature’s copy or something that tries to resemble it. For us, art is just nature resampled and rearranged at our whim, connecting us to our origins and warding us off from anthropocentrism.” _Surolla


When two creative worlds collide. The thunderous and vibrant electronic music of Museless hits like a hurricane in the introspective universe of modular synthesis of nara is neus. With Surolla, this collision opens a door to travel to a brilliant soundscape taken from a science fiction novel, literally. Laura Llopart (aka Museless) and Neus Abellan (aka nara is neus) build a liquid universe based on the novel Synthesis de novo, a sci-fi story written by Laura herself.

nara is neus

A call from thousands and thousands of miles away. That tingling that we feel even in the tips of our fingers, which drives us to pursue the unreachable.

We dive deeper and deeper into this sparkling sea, until we realize that Surolla’s science fiction world, to which we will travel in his next LP Teros is unknown and mysterious but not so different from the remote oceans.