What’s your connection with nature? How does your music connect with nature?

One could say that our music is intrinsically connected with nature, as in our last album Mar Interior, where we revolve around the Mediterranean Sea in a non-figurative sense, that is, incorporating sounds that transport us to these landscapes from an active and imaginative listening. We have bathed in the Mediterranean since we have had the use of reason and also recorded most of the album in a summer retreat, at the height of the pandemic, where you could breathe the breeze, feel the scorching sunshine, listen to the sound of cicadas every morning or do improvisation sessions in a bathing suit.

We have also worked with nature in the past. For example, in our Colección Exigua vol.1 reference, which revolves around a lost and dangerous jungle where fewer and fewer animals are left happy due to the inner emptiness that human beings currently suffer and their subsequent actions.

Which is the most powerful sound have you ever heard in nature?

Many things could be answered here, we wouldn’t know how to stay with just one, but if we had to give examples, we would think of the sounds of the sea, of the beach.

Sitting on the sand and listening to the waves attentively is perfectly comparable to turning on a white noise synthesizer with constant flow and playing with the sawtooth wave LFO affecting the filter.

What has been your approach when preparing the theme?

The song started from a set of sequences of modular analog synthesizer that formed the breeding ground to then incorporate the different seeds that are growing in the song, within these seeds were also found the sounds of Miche André and the different layers of sound of prepared guitar and synthesizers.

How do you imagine the polar soundscape?

We assume that there will be many types of soundscapes in those latitudes but the first thing that comes to mind is water, in different chemical states. We could imagine sounds of liquid water like of a polar seal waving its fins or of solid water like the creaking of glaciers. In turn, sounds of strong freezing blizzards or animal songs that sadly will be of desperation.

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