What’s your connection with nature?
Nature is everything but it is also at the core of this urge our body, mind and soul has to connect with the earth. Just last year, during the pandemic, Susana had to move out of the city and to the countryside close to the city of Malaga, and setting up a new studio surrounded by trees, birds and fresh air. A view of the ocean makes such a huge difference. Just off the terrace by my studio in Poble Nou, Barcelona, there are two small parks and a tiny bit of the ocean in the skyview and it means the world to me. Growing up in Caracas, Venezuela, nature is omnipresent and surrounds you everywhere. Barcelona can feel so grey and dusty in comparison. But that said, nature is also us, life, music, the people of a city. That’s nature too. Even technology is nature, because it comes from us.

How does your music connect with nature?
We are consciously aiming for our art and sounds to blend or erase the boundaries between the conscious and subcounscious, between ourselves and our surroundings, between us and them. Everything is everything. And we want our music to be a conductor of life and awareness that makes you dance.

What has been your approach when preparing the theme?
We wanted our music to sound somehow liquid, if that makes any sense. We really liked the whale sounds and ice sounds. They have such a strong character.

How do you imagine the polar soundscape?
Strong, profound and beautiful. Like the best ambient record ever made.

How does this topic relate to the context of your career?

Part of our work is creating soundtracks for films and documentaries. A few years ago one of us worked on a soundtrack for a film called Loosing Nemo, created by the NGO called Black Fish in alliance with Greenpeace, and it was a film that raised awareness on the preservation of the oceans, and against the abuses of the fishing industry. As People You May Know, we made a soundtrack for this Science Museum in London and the BBC’s film about the Sun:and it felt like a medium carrying important bits of wisdom. Also through radioshow we encourage deep listening, as you can hear in this episode of La Guarida  We believe that music and art can be powerful mediums for positive change.

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