What's your connection with nature?

I have a strong and weird connection with water, and the sea.

I spent all my summers as a child on a very small boat with my family and I was always feeling sick as far as I was on a boat. But once into the sea, under the surface, I found so inspiring and liberating to be under water. A world of filtered sounds and the constant ringing sound of grains of sand moved by waves, made me feel like entering an upside down world where I could transform into something else.

How does your music connect with nature?

My music is actually connected to this underwater world. I love to work with filtered sounds that are like moving between the surface of an underwater and overwater world. My music’s project symbol is a goldfish. This comes from the world of dreams and memories, that for me are very connected to water as much as emotions.

Which is the most powerful sound have you ever heard in nature? 

I think the sound of flowing water and rain are among the most powerful sounds for me. But even the muffled silence of the falling snow is truly inspiring.

What has been your approach when preparing the theme? What sounds from scientific research caught your attention the most? Why?

Certainly, the ice braking sound was really inspiring to me. As I wrote in my lyrics, it made me think that he caught through that recording the actual “breaking soul of the planet” that today is like a “constant catchphrase we can’t get rid of”. Yet, all the sounds of dolphins and whales’ sonars, reminded me of an “ocean calling” and “deep down echos” we can’t hear, like a beautiful mythological mermaids’ chant.

How do you imagine the Polar soundscape?

I imagine that like a place of pure sounds of water, ice and wind.

Have you discovered something that caught your attention in this process? What has been the most difficult thing for you?

My attention was caught by this constant chanting actually existing in the deepness of our oceans. There are so many sounds we cannot perceive and that is why we see certain waterscapes as places of silence, while they are not. There are so many beings communicating their existence and resilience everywhere around us, considering we live on a planet whose surface is more than 70% covered by oceans.

Actually, the creative process creating the track flowed smoothly: each sound made sparkle in my mind some melody and soundscape.

How does this topic relate to the context of your career? 

Well, I have been working lately on tracks where music is a drive for ideas and issues of our time. I think this is definitely one of the todays’ most central issues we should take into consideration. Our coexistence with the planet and the others (people and species). This is why I wrote some lyrics for this track, because I wanted to drive the listener through a journey of sounds and ideas.

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