Artist Journey: Surolla


What’s your connection with nature?

Several philosophers agree that art is just a nature’s copy or something that tries to resemble it. For us, art is just nature resampled and rearranged at our whim, connecting us to our origins and warding us off from anthropocentrism.

How does your music connect with nature?

Taking our statement, for us music is just nature’s expression through the result of the combinatory of its sounds.

Which is the most powerful sound have you ever heard in nature?

The cotton sound of snow being stepped on for the first time.

What has been your approach when preparing the theme? 

We got overwhelmed by the singing of whales, so we decided to integrate its sounds to the piece.

What sounds from the research caught your attention the most? Why? 

The repetitive and percutive freqüency of the dolphin’s sound. We didn’t expect that percutive loop, we got mesmerized.

How do you imagine the Polar soundscape? 

Maybe a subtle and slow synth full noise and wind, where nothing highlights over other sounds, they just complement each other.

Have you discovered something that caught your attention in this process? What has been the most difficult thing for you? 

Taking music from a global view and awareness and feed our work with non usual undervalued nature’s sounds.

How does this topic relate to the context of your career?

We both identify as activists with our careers, fighting for animal rights and by default, climate change’s awareness.

A final sentence about the project, inspirational words or something that you want to share?

Take care of the planet, without it there is no art.