Artist Journey: NOIA

Eduardo Noya, also known as NOIA, draws and blurs sound from an early age. Noya specializes in unconventional approaches to composition, through textured and evocative synthesizers. As a film composer, Noya has collaborated twice with award-winning Quebec filmmaker Xavier Dolan, on the films “Laurence Anyways” and “Mommy”. taking viewers deep into the characters’ subconscious, He […]

Artist Journey: Eva Geist

Profondo is a piece which aims to depict the profound connection between men and the oceans, in solemnity and contemplation. What’s your connection with nature? My connection with nature is firstly a connection to the sea. I was raised in Crotone, a city on the Ionian Sea, then to studying and working I had to […]

Artist Journey: Mecánica Clásica

What’s your connection with nature? How does your music connect with nature? One could say that our music is intrinsically connected with nature, as in our last album Mar Interior, where we revolve around the Mediterranean Sea in a non-figurative sense, that is, incorporating sounds that transport us to these landscapes from an active and […]

Artist Journey: People You May Know

What’s your connection with nature? Nature is everything but it is also at the core of this urge our body, mind and soul has to connect with the earth. Just last year, during the pandemic, Susana had to move out of the city and to the countryside close to the city of Malaga, and setting […]

Artist Journey: Non Artist

  What’s your connection with nature? I have a strong and weird connection with water, and the sea. I spent all my summers as a child on a very small boat with my family and I was always feeling sick as far as I was on a boat. But once into the sea, under the surface, […]

Artist Journey: Surolla

What’s your connection with nature? Several philosophers agree that art is just a nature’s copy or something that tries to resemble it. For us, art is just nature resampled and rearranged at our whim, connecting us to our origins and warding us off from anthropocentrism. How does your music connect with nature? Taking our statement, […]